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Jim Brudner publishes an Op-Ed in The New York Times,  ‘AIDS activism is good for research,’ explain­ing the sci­ence behind the then cur­rent AIDS research.

John Boswell serves as chair of the History department until 1992.

John Wallace dies of AIDS-related causes on February 28. He was 29 years old.

Jack Winkler passes away on April 25 in Palo Alto.

Scot Kevin Haller dies on June 24 in "Los Angeles:L#LosAngelesCalifornia.

Tim Dlugos dies on December 3.

Julian Bingham Abbott dies at the age of 64.


Yale College admits 2,269 of 12,528 applicants, an admission rate of 18.1 percent.  Including tuition, room, and board, the full cost of a year at Yale College is $20,820.


The Hubble Space Telescope is launched.  It remains in use today.

Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein orders the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, triggering the Persian Gulf War.  The conflict will cost coalition forces upwards of sixty billion dollars and leave Hussein in control of Iraq.